If you haven't already done so, clean out the greenhouse thoroughly. Wash the glass, the floor and the staging with horticultural disinfectant to kill any over-wintering pests and diseases.

Wash and disinfect capillary matting before storing it away

Ventilate the greenhouse on warmer days to reduce humidity and the risk of disease.

Propagate any perennials from root cuttings.

Check regularly for aphids over-wintering on your plants, remove them by hand or use a pesticide.

At night time protect over wintering salad  with fleece until last of the frosts.

Celery plants still in the ground should also be covered with fleece.

Generally check around your plot and remove any foliage lying on the ground as this will harbour unwanted pests or diseases.

General Maintenance

Check tree ties and stakes. Replace, tighten or slacken them where necessary.
Firm back newly planted trees and shrubs if they have been lifted by frost heave or by strong winds.

Remove weeds from around the bases of young trees.

View a general Work Schedule for the year

Garlic Rust

This looks quite bad this year. Advice from Monty Don is to harvest if the plants are badly affected as the bulbs won’t grow further with dying leaves. Get rid of the infected foliage. Thoroughly dry the bulbs to aid storage though he says they won’t store as well as if they had continued to grow to the end of the season.

It’s the same rust as that which affects leeks and other alliums and the seriousness of the problem is much dependent on the weather.

There is no officially recognised chemical treatment.

It appears that there are various strains of the infection – some varieties of garlic are affected worse than others even where they are growing side by side. So if it’s really bad perhaps try another variety next year. Elephant garlic seems little affected (so far).

Potato Blackleg

For the first time I have found this problem on both the varieties that I’m growing this year. I noticed the odd plant looking rather sad and not developing and when I pulled it out of the ground I found that the stem was rotting from the bottom upwards.

It’s generally brought in on infected tubers – apparently there is always some small percentage which are affected and there is no way of identifying which.

There is no officially recognised chemical treatment.

If you spot the problem then remove the affected plants immediately as otherwise the problem will transfer through the soil to infect other plants.

Information from Gardener’s World Website

The source of this information and more details can be found on the RHS website


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Purple /White sprouting brocoli


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Salad Onions




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