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HBAGA-008 & HBAGA009

An invasive non-native  Hornet which is a highly aggressive predator which poses a significant risk to Honey bees and other polinators.

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The UK ban on blue metaldehyde has been over-ruled by the courts due to poor procedures. However, we will not be stocking this product again as the ban is likely to be re-applied and the product is regarded as harmful to wildlife beyond its target. Alternatives are available.

We no longer stock metaldehyde pellets.


To reduce problems with our gate locks we oil them on a regular basis (if we remember) - about once a month. Unfortunately this does mean that keys may well get a bit messy for a few days so please be aware.


          Nov:      Quiz Night

          Dec:      None advised

AGM - Sunday 17 th November 2019

Below are the current Management Committee positions and the names of the current holders. I have to report that all the current holders have agreed to stand again for 2019/20 other than Peter Kemp at Station Road.

Position                                          Holder

President                                      Jean Law

Chairman                                    Martin Blatt

Vice-Chairman                            Derek Sidaway

Secretary                                     Lawrence Stone

Treasurer                                     Dave Gardner

Social Secretary                           Margaret Easterby

Show Secretary                            VACANT

Publicity Officer                          Emma Wiles

Project Manager                          VACANT

Shop Manager                             Dave Gardner

Health & Safety                          VACANT

Cross Street Manager                 Andy Shilling

Cross Street Assistant               VACANT

Eddington Lane Manager          Diane Sidaway

Eddington Lane Assistant         Alan Barber

Jessops Manager                         Andy Allen

Jessops Assistant                        Emma Wiles

Station Road Manager               VACANT

Station Road Assistant              Brenda Fitzell

As always, we require volunteers for the committee, upon which some sites are currently underrepresented.

Note that there will be a proposal in the AGENDA to remove the Health and Safety post.

If you wish to stand for ANY of the positions listed above please obtain a nomination form from the shop completing the necessary boxes on that form and return it, if possible in a sealed envelope, to Dave Gardner the shop manager.


Nominations for site Manager and Assistant positions should only come from plot-holders on those sites. If required, a site ballot will be held; details to follow. For all other positions, again if necessary, a ballot will be held at the AGM. Closing date for all nominations: 1 st October 2019.

Note that the AGM date is Sunday 17 th November 2019 and the AGENDA will be published 17 th October 2019.

Member’s Motion

If you wish to submit a member’s motion at the AGM then please contact me (see below) for the necessary form. The latest date by which such submissions can be accepted is 4th October 2019.

Proxy Vote

If you require a proxy vote application (these will be available from 17 th October 2019) then please contact me in the first instance so I can issue the relevant paperwork to you. The latest date by which a proxy vote forms can be returned is 10th November 2019,                                   

Please note - Proxy votes are at the discretion of the committee and only for genuine reasons of ill health or unavoidable absence.

SM Blatt : Chairman

View varieties for next years potatoes.

The shop is currently taking orders for delivery early next year so please place your order soon


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Plot Holder Rules

Our Constitution

Committee Policy Documents

Trips have been arranged for the following venues:

 Kew Gardens and in March next year at  Brick Lane

Details here


Leonardslee Gardens on 7th October 2019

Has been cancelled

          Jan 2020:  Kew Gardens     

          Nov:     A.G.M.

Jobs for October

Clean/disinfect greenhouses.

Winter moth caterpillars may attack fruit trees - they nibble at leaves and fruit. The flightless female climbs up from the ground ready to lay eggs - so you can help to prevent this by applying grease bands or a similar sticky barrier to the trunk (and any supporting stake). Note that most damage is caused by the young of the codling moth which tunnel into the fruit. At this time of year they retreat into hiding places under loose bark and similar cover ready to hatch out into the adult moths next year - which will then lay another batch of eggs. If you find any then you can deal with them. However this is unlikely to help much as adult moths will fly in from elsewhere. You deal with these next year.

One way to tell if you have a winter moth problem is to look at damage to leaves as show

 in this picture.

Rhubarb. Remove dead leaves to expose the crowns to winter frosts. This is a good time to lift

 and divide and to plant new crowns.

Harvest beetroot but carrots may be left until wanted - perhaps protected by fleece.

The flavour of parsnips and Swedes can be improved by a little dose of frost.

When harvesting is complete in a fruit cage you might wish to open it up to allow birds to have a go at any pests inside. But replace the netting in time to prevent bird attacks on next year's fruit buds.

Sow green manure on bare soil to suppress weeds and protect the surface from compaction by winter rain. Digging the resultant growth into the ground can help to improve the soil structure.

Plant garlic over the next couple of months so that it gets a blast of winter cold. Plant the cloves about 7 inches apart (though a bit more space might allow more air movement to help to tone down the almost inevitable rust) and about 2 to 3 inches deep. They don't like standing in water so if you have soil liable to be very wet try planting on a ridge or starting them off in modules for later planting (which some people do anyway).

Grease bands and green manures are available now in the Shop. Garlic and over-winter onions are also in stock.

(With thanks to RHS and BBC)

Ron Sansom

We have just learnt of the death of this life member of HBAGA. He (and his late wife, Cynthia) played a major role in the Association for many years, he as Chairman for a while and she as Treasurer. They had a plot on Station Road for quite some time.

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