Our main membership consists of the local residents who have plots on our sites. Plot-holders must live in Herne Bay or Whitstable districts.

Local residents who do not have a plot can become Associate Members for a small annual fee.

All members can take part in our Social activities and take advantage of the facilities in the Association Shop.

Allotments tend to be very safe and friendly places, ours certainly are, and we extend a warm welcome to new members.

Obtaining a Plot

We have a regular change in our membership as plot-holders leave and others take their place. When a plot becomes vacant we offer it to the next person on our waiting list. If you would like to add your name to the list or just find out more then contact us. You should be aware that our waiting list can be rather long and you are likely to wait at least a year and sometimes much longer.

It is usual for new plot-holders to get what we call a half plot -  that is around 100 square metres in size. It may be possible later to extend this to a full plot if space becomes available.

Please think carefully before taking on an allotment. If you haven’t been a plot-holder previously you may not appreciate the time needed. Growing your own produce is a very satisfying pastime - but it does require your regular time and effort - particularly during the main growing season.

Applicants must reside in CT5, CT6 or CT7 areas.

Associate Membership

Anyone can join us as an associate - such membership will cover anyone in the family living at the same address. As a member you will receive our fairly regular emailed newsletter giving you the latest news about social activities, what’s topical in the Shop and so on. Just contact us to join.

Contact Us

To contact us for any reason - whether to apply for a plot, to order from our Shop, to comment on this website or whatever - just visit our Shop during opening hours (as shown on the Home Page) or send us an email.

If you know the relevant direct email or phone number (for example of the Shop Manager) then just use that.

Otherwise contactus @  canHBAGAhelp@mail.com