If you suspect that you have any items containing Asbestos on your plot please leave it alone and report it to either your Site Manager or to the Eddington Shop Manager so that it can be dealt with. Under no circumstances should the items be disturbed or removed by plot-holders.

(Martin Blatt - Chairman)

Members wishing to place personal advertising on the website may do so.

The advert must be limited to 50 words. A photo in JPEG format may also be attached.

Details are required of senders name and   Email address / Tel No /mobile No.

Duration of advert will be 4 weeks.

A condition of placement will be that you have given permission that we can disclose details on the advert  to third parties.

Please leave details in shop

Or send to: contactus@hernebayallotments.com

Items NOT to be bought on site


Barbed Wire

Only permitted for use by Association on perimeter fencing at height. Similar products included in scope (e.g., bird spikes, scaling barriers, etc.,)


All types


Breaks down to release chemicals into soil

Floor Coverings

Tiles and sheet materials manufactured before 2000 may contain Asbestos


All types – see risk assessment sheets. Only to be removed by specialists

Household Waste

Not to be brought onto site

Trade Waste

Not to be brought onto site

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping is not permitted.

Garden Waste

Limited quantities for composting only – no perennial weeds, diseased or woody items

Oil/chemical drums

Includes metal and plastic containers. To be treated as trade waste unless it can be ascertained they are fully decontaminated.


Chemicals may only be brought onto site if they meet the following criteria:

·     They must be intended for a specific horticultural or plot maintenance purpose

·     They must be kept in the manufacturer’s sealed and  labelled container

·     They must not be prohibited by law – onus is on the   plot holder to demonstrate this