June on Your Plot


Continue sowing beetroot seeds in June – perhaps a few at the beginning of the month and a few at the end so that in September and October you’ll have some to harvest that haven’t grown too large. They can be stored for the winter if necessary.


This is the last chance to sow main crop varieties that will be ready for harvesting in September or October


The beginning of June is probably your last chance to sow maincrop peas, mangetout, and snap peas. Towards the end of the month switch to a fast-maturing early variety. These should be ready for harvesting in about September.


Sow in situ and thin out if the seedlings are too crowded. High temperatures may hinder germination – which is  why seeds are best sown at the end of the day,


Sow another batch for harvesting in August or September.

Leaf vegetables

Continue sowing seeds of Swiss chard and spinach beet.


Sow a few salad radishes in small quantities throughout the month to replenish the existing crop.

Spring onions

Sow a couple more batches of seeds during the month to ensure you have a continuous supply through the autumn.

Keep the plot well watered during hot sunny spells.

Avoid watering potato and tomato leaves to try and avoid Blight at this time of year

Thin out apples to improve size and quality - maybe to just one apple per cluster

Water greenhouse crops regularly - with tomato feed or equivalent each week

Finish planting tender veg outside - such as beans and tomatoes

Stop harvesting asparagus in late June - leave foliage until it dies down - apply general fertiliser if growth is weak

Check for mould and remove affected fruit - especially strawberries

Plant out celery - water well and keep moist

If pears turn black - remove and destroy - pear midge

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