October / November on Your Plot

Move or plant trees

Check tree ties

Blackberry family – most varieties - tie in new growth to fruit next year and prune out fruited growth – although you could leave some if new growth is scarce

Sow over-winter broad beans at end October (Aquadulce Claudia is recommended)

Sow over-winter peas (such as Meteor and Douce Provence)

Plant spring cabbages (plant deep with lowest leaves at ground level)

Support and earth up Brussels sprouts to avoid wind damage

Cover cleared ground with manure or compost – or sow green manures

Plant over-winter onion and shallot sets and garlic

Finish planting over-winter salad crops

Cut down asparagus foliage as soon as it turns yellow - and apply mulch

Do formative pruning of apples, pears and other tree fruits – but not stone fruits such as cherries and plums.

Divide rhubarb

Stop winter moth damage to fruit trees using grease bands around the trunks

Remove yellowing leaves on Brussels sprouts to prevent grey mould from becoming troublesome.

Reduce the spread and the overwintering of disease and pests by removing all plant debris

Mulch under fruit trees and bushes with either garden compost, woodchip or bark chippings.

Plant spinach seedlings.