Rents and Fees

Plot rents become due on 1st January each year and must be paid by the end of that month. We start taking rents from the beginning of December. Please pay in the Shop - cash or cheques but not cards. It is possible to pay by BACS - contact David for bank details. If you wish to use BACS then please contact him first (even if you have the bank details) to confirm the amount due and then, later, bring your rent card to the Shop to be updated (assuming you haven’t lost it!).

If you cannot pay as suggested then let us know and we will work out an alternative. Please do not forget. The assumption is that if you do not pay on time then you no longer wish to keep your plot(s).

Associate subscriptions will also be due so please remember to pay next time you visit the Shop.

We may take the opportunity when collecting rents and fees to ask if you have any experience (and time) to help the Association. It’s always good to have help for general work around the sites but specific talents such as welding, carpentry, tiling - whatever - would be particularly valuable.