The Association Shop is located on our Eddington Lane site. Opening times and any restrictions are shown on the Home Page. It is open only to plot-holders and Associate Members.

Car-parking is available close to the shop making the loading of heavy goods quite easy.

We stock a range of standard horticultural products - composts, canes, netting, fertilisers and so on plus a few varieties of bird and fish food. We do not stock tools. A full list of our stock can be downloaded from the Home Page - that’s part of our ordering system but you can just use it as a reference.

Wherever we can, we buy in bulk and then make up smaller units. Not only does this provide our members with good value but it means we can supply any quantities . If someone wants two onion sets to make up a row then we are happy to oblige.

We welcome plot-holders from other Allotment Associations and we are happy to collaborate with them in arranging bulk purchases. Whilst keeping the cost of supplies low for our plot holders, we do not aim to compete with local traders – for example we do not stock specialist products.

We stock a small range of seeds and (depending on the season) some popular varieties of sets, garlic and potatoes and we provide a facility for others to be ordered – often with a discount from the published catalogue prices.

Payments may be made at the Shop by cash or cheque (Herne Bay Allotments). We do not currently take payments by card. You also have the option of making payment by BACS - ask for details.

Shop Stock Ordering

We provide a full list of items we have in stock with the prices as a download. You can use this list just for information but it also allows you to note which items you would like to purchase and then to send that to us so we can prepare your order for you to collect. We do our best to ensure that the information is accurate but nothing is guaranteed!

The downloaded form is in EXCEL spreadsheet format. You fill in your name and the quantity of each item you want to buy - the number of metres of netting, the number of sacks of compost and so on. The form will show you the costs. When complete you send the form to us as an attachment to an email. You will receive confirmation.

You can download the form from the Home Page.

The form is protected to restrict the areas you can update. Your system may ask you to allow editing when you first open the form. You can agree - the form is safe and contains no external links or coding.

We are aware that some members are experiencing problems with accessing or using the form and we are working on how to deal with that. If you find that the form cannot be used then orders can be sent using a simple email. Anyone without an email address can contact us by phone or text - you may need to visit the Shop to get details.

 Potatoes we usually stock

 Onion & Shallot Sets

   List of available Potatoes

 Potato Growing


Seed Ordering (from Browns and Kings)

You can visit the Shop to purchase seed packets from our stock but you can select from a much wider range by ordering, through the Shop, items from the catalogues of our suppliers - Kings and D T Browns. The catalogues become available early in the autumn.

You can order anything from the Kings catalogues (seeds, plants, sundries, whatever). There are large discounts on seeds but none on any other Kings items. There is no postage to pay on Kings orders except for plug plants which you can order via their website.

You can order seeds through the Shop from the Browns catalogues but no other items. There are large discounts on seeds but each order will have to include 95p for p&p. If you only want the odd packet or two then I will combine that order with others to limit the impact of the postage cost. If you wish to order anything other than seeds from Browns then you will need to do so yourself via their website or using their form in the catalogue. The only discounts available on such items are those from Browns themselves.

There is a note about the discounts on our order printed forms.

Both suppliers have informative websites and there are sometimes items there which are not in the catalogues – you can include such items in your Shop order. The websites are also useful later in the season to check availability. Kings are particularly known for a wide choice of sweet peas, wild flowers and organics.

If you wish to place an order (for seeds and/or other items) from the catalogues then please complete and return an order form obtainable from the Shop or  Click Here  to download a copy. If this is a problem then you may simply submit an email list showing code, item type (such as ‘carrots’), number of packets/items and catalogue cost per packet/item.

You will be emailed or phoned when items ordered from the Shop have arrived. Payment is made when you collect your order. You can place an order at any time throughout the year. However to obtain the maximum discounts we need to put together large initial orders so it would help if, in the early autumn, you could let us have at least some requirements promptly. You can always add further items later but once we get to the Spring there may be long delays as there is a minimum order needed to attract the discount.


  Link to:  www.kingsseeds.com    Link To:  www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk


Sets, Garlic and Potatoes

Around July, August, September time we need to decide which varieties of these items we wish to stock. We have over-winter Sets and Garlic for sale in the autumn and then main season Sets and Potatoes for sale in the New Year.

We do not stock potatoes for late planting for Christmas.

We stock a small range of Sets and Garlic and as soon as we have details these will be included in our full stock list for you to order.

There are a very large number of potato varieties available in the market place. Of these we can obtain quite a good selection (some 35 or so) at discount prices. Each year we stock about 15 of the more popular ones but you have the chance to choose some others yourselves - ones which we would not normally stock.

So - around July/August time, the website will show a full list of the 35 or so  varieties which can be ordered at a discount. You simply need to email us with your choice of extras and they will be included in the ones we order from the supplier.

Once we have placed our Shop order with our supplier the varieties of potatoes we have included will be listed on the website and in the Shop. If you haven’t already placed your order you can do so then as you would for any other stock item. You can, of course, order varieties of any of these items from our seed catalogues (or elsewhere) - but the costs will be higher, often much higher.

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 Potatoes we usually stock

 Onion & Shallot Sets

   List of available Potatoes

 Potato Growing


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