We also stock a small range of seeds and provide a facility for others to be ordered – all are at a discount from the published catalogue prices.

Wherever we can we buy in bulk and then make up smaller units. Not only does this provide our members with good value but it means we can supply any quantities required. If someone wants two onion sets to make up a row then we are happy to oblige.

We welcome plot-holders from other Allotment Associations and we are happy to collaborate with them in arranging bulk purchases.

Car-parking is available in the area of the shop  it makes the loading of heavy goods quite easy.

Note that outside shop opening hours the site gates are locked and access is permitted only to Plot-holders.

Our product range includes:

 Composts  and grow bags     (multi-purpose, and Ericaceous)

   Fertilisers     (growmore, blood/fish/bone, pelleted chicken fertilizer etc)

   Insecticides, fungicides and weed killers

Netting, fleece, ground cover :  (from the roll)

   Sundries include string, plant labels and ties

    Stakes and canes

    Small range of bird and fish food.

    Seed potatoes and onion sets.

Just a quick reminder that if you are clearing ground at the end of the season then it will need to be covered with something otherwise the weeds will soon take over.

You may be thinking of sowing/planting winter crops such as onion sets, broad beans, peas or cabbage or applying a layer of manure.

Failing that sow some green manure – producing plants which will quickly cover and protect the ground from weather and the weeds  and which you cut down / dig in later to improve the soil,

We stock a variety including agricultural mustard, alfalfa and phacelia.

Seed Catalogues and Orders

Seed catalogues for our main suppliers arrive late summer and are available from the Shop. In the Shop we stock a range of seeds from these catalogues at a considerable discount on the price. You can place orders yourself for an even larger discount on prices for seeds and we do not charge you for P&P on seed orders.

There are discounts on some other products from the catalogues but not for plants and you may be charged P&P. There is a note about the discounts on our order forms.

If you wish to place an order (for seeds and/or other catalogue items) then please complete and return an order form obtainable from the Shop. Where there is no discount you may prefer to order directly from and make payment to the suppliers through their websites.

You will be emailed or phoned when items have arrived in the Shop. Payment is made when you collect your order.

You can place an order at any time throughout the year but to obtain the discounts we need to put together a large initial order so it would help if, in the early autumn, you could let us have at least some requirements promptly. You can always add further items later.

Both suppliers have informative websites and there are sometimes items there which are not in the catalogues – you can include such items in your Shop order. The websites are also useful later in the season to check availability.



Kings and Browns catalogues for 2019 are now available.

Seeds ordered from both catalogues will receive the same large discount on cost as usual.

2019 potato list

Potatoes for 2019

This is reference information which you may find of interest

The Association shop is located on the Eddington Lane site and is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9.00am till noon (except if it’s Christmas day).

Whilst keeping the cost of supplies low for our plot holders, we do not aim to compete with local traders – for example we do not stock any tools or specialist products.

The shop is only open to plot-holders and Associate Members.



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