Blackcurrants - prune

Gooseberries - prune

Red / white currant - prune

Start saving inner cardboard tubes from toilet rolls for runner beans etc

Apple - plant trees

Apple - prune trees

Pear - plant trees

Pear - prune trees

Buy or borrow a soil testing kit (Brussels sprouts etc.)

Add lime if necessary to reduce soil acidity (Brussels sprouts etc)

Leeks - sow seed under glass / indoors

Cauliflower (early summer) - sow seed indoors


Apple - plant trees }

Apple - prune trees }  If not completed in January

Pear - plant trees   }

Pear - prune trees }

Broccoli (sprouting) - begin to harvest

Broad Beans - sow seeds in pots for spring planting

Potatoes- chit / sprout seed potatoes

Cauliflower (autumn) - prepare ground

Cabbage (summer) - sow seeds indoors

Celery - sow seeds indoors

Sweet pepper - sow seeds

Peas / mangetout - sow early types under cloches

Asparagus - sow seeds inside

Broad Beans - sow seeds outside in spring

Carrot - sow seed of early varieties under cloches

Garlic - plant in late winter / spring

Leek - thin seedlings sown in containers

Asparagus - prepare ground for crowns



Apple - plant trees

Apple - prune trees

Pear - plant trees

Pear - prune trees

Peas / mangetout - start to sow seeds of early types outdoors

Rhubarb - start to harvest

Tomatoes - sow seed inside / greenhouse

Brussels Sprouts - sow seed of early varieties

Squash / pumpkins - prepare soil

Asparagus - apply spring fertiliser

Beetroot - sow seeds under cloches

Broad Beans - transplant pot grown plants to open ground

Cauliflower (early summer) - harden off

Cabbage (summer) - sow outdoors

Jerusalem Artichoke - plant tubers

Kohlrabi - sow seeds indoors

Spring Onions - start to sow fortnightly

Potatoes - plant out sprouted sets

Peas / mangetout - sow maincrop seeds outdoors

Spinach - sow seed outside

Brussels Sprouts - thin seedlings as they appear

Cauliflower (early summer) - plant out

Lettuce - start sowing seed outside every two weeks

Mustard - sow seed outdoors for seeds

Onion Sets - plant

Onion Sets - protect from birds for 5 weeks

Radish - sow seed under cloches

Sweet Peppers - pot up

Strawberries - buy and plant potted plants

Asparagus Crowns - plant outside

Beetroot - sow seed in pots indoors

Brussels Sprouts - Sow seed of mid to late varieties

Carrot - remove cloches from early sown varieties

Carrot - sow early seed varieties in open

Kohlrabi - sow seeds outside

Spinach - sow seed inside

Squash / pumpkins - sow seed indoors

Swiss Chard - sow outdoors with cloche protection

Turnip - start to sow seed outdoors


Asparagus - harvest when 15cm high

Blackcurrants - mulch

Gooseberries - mulch

Red / white currant - mulch

Leek - sow seed outside in a temporary seed bed

Radish - sow seed outside

Salsify - sow seeds

Tomatoes - pot-up young plants

Beetroot - sow seed outside

Broccoli (sprouting) - sow early varieties in seed bed

Cabbage Spring - harvest

Calabrese (sometimes called broccoli) - sow seed

Cauliflower (summer) - weekly feed

Courgette - sow seeds indoors

Cucumber (ridge) - sow seeds indoors

Kale - sow in pots or seed bed

Kohlrabi - harden off seedlings

Lettuce - begin to thin seedlings, distance by variety

Sweetcorn - sow seed indoors / greenhouse

Swiss Chard - sow seed outdoors no protection

Celery - plant out

Spinach - plant out seed sown indoors

Spinach - Thin out previously sown seedlings

Kohlrabi - plant out in final position

Leek - harden off container grown seedlings

Parsnip - sow seed outside

Sweetcorn - sow seed under cloches

French Beans - sow seeds under cloches

French Beans - sow seeds in pots indoors

Runner Beans - sow seed under cloches

Turnip - thin seedlings 15cm earlies, 25cm maincrops

Tomatoes - begin to harden off

Carrot - sow maincrop seed

Cucumber (ridge) - sow seed under cloches outside

Runner Beans - sow seed in pots indoors

Beetroot - plant out seedlings sown in pots indoors

Squash / pumpkins - harden off

Potatoes - nitrogen feed fortnightly


French Beans - sow seed outside

French Beans - harden off seedlings

Jerusalem Artichoke - erect supports

Leek - transplant container grown seedlings to final position

Leek - thin seedlings from seeds sown outdoors

Rhubarb - apply mulch

Strawberries - mulch around plants

Broccoli (sprouting) - sow late varieties in seed bed

Beetroot - thin out seedlings

Squash / pumpkins - plant out

Brussels Sprouts - transplant

Cabbage (summer) - Plant indoor sown plants outdoors

Cauliflower (autumn) - sow seed in pots

Courgette - Harden off indoor grown plants

Cucumber (ridge) - Harden off indoor grown plants

French Beans - plant out seedlings sown in pots indoors

Sweetcorn - plant out seedlings sown in pots indoors

Sweet potato - put slips in pots indoors

Swiss Chard - thin out seedlings

Radish - begin to harvest

Runner Beans - harden off seedlings

Leek - buy seedlings and plant outside

Parsnip - thin seedlings to 15cm / 6in apart

Courgettes - plant out

Tomatoes - plant out

Peas / mangetout - Harvest early types started off under cloches

Onions - water in dry conditions

Runner Beans - sow seed outside

Runner Beans - plant out seedlings sown in pots indoors

Asparagus - stop harvesting

Broad Beans - begin to harvest

Carrot (early) - harvest those sown under cloches

Cucumber (ridge) - plant out (grown indoors / shop bought)

Leek - transplant spring sown seedlings to final position

Lettuce - begin to harvest

Peas / mangetout - harvest early types sown outdoors

Potatoes - potash feed fortnightly

Swede - sow seed outdoors

Sweet Peppers - harden off


Asparagus - cut down when foliage yellows

Salsify - begin to harvest

Blackberries - prune when fruting is complete

Cauliflower (autumn) - begin to harvest

Kale - begin to harvest

Squash / pumpkins - take indoors to cure

Sweet Potato - harvest before frost damages tubers

Leek - begin to harvest

Strawberries - buy runners



Blackberries - buy and plant (up to end February)

Broad Beans - sow seeds outside for an early crop

Jerusalem Artichoke - harvest into late winter

Spinach (autumn sown) - begin to harvest

Rhubarb - plant crowns up to end of February

Squash / pumpkins - start to use

Brussels Sprouts - begin to harvest

Plum - plant trees from now to early March


Apple - plant trees

Apple - prune trees

Pear - plant trees

Pear - prune trees

Garlic - autumn planting

Blackcurrant's - buy and plant (up to end February)

Gooseberries - buy and plant (up to end February)

Raspberries - buy and plant (up to end February)

Raspberries (autumn fruiting) - prune

Red / white currant - buy and plant


Blackcurrants - take cuttings

Gooseberries - take cuttings

Red / whitecurrant - take cuttings

Parsnips - begin to harvest

Autumn Onion Sets - plant

Jerusalem Artichoke - cut stem to 15cm high

Spinach - sow in autumn

Swede - begin to harvest (through to early Jan)

Cabbage (spring) - transplant


 Plum - prune from now to early July

Blackcurrants - water

Gooseberries - water

Red / whitecurrant - water

Cauliflower (summer) - begin to harvest

Sweet Pepper - move to final position

Sweet potato - plant outdoors in final position

Turnip - begin to harvest

Spinach - harvest spring grown leaves

Carrot - harvest as they become ready

Cauliflower (autumn) - plant outside

Cucumber (ridge) - prune main stem

Cauliflower (autumn) - begin weekly feed

Cabbage (summer) - begin to harvest

Swede - thin seedlings in stages to 25cm apart

Swiss Chard - begin to harvest


Broccoli sprouting - move to final position when 10cm high

Courgettes - begin to harvest

Mustard - harvest seeds

Beetroot - begin to harvest

Cabbage (spring) - sow (pots / temporary bed)

Cucumber (ridge) - begin to harvest

Jerusalem Artichoke - cut stem to 1.5m high

Kale - transplant to final position

Onions - stop watering

Peas / mangetout (maincrop) - harvest

Potatoes - plant sets for autumn harvest

Sweetcorn - begin to harvest

French Beans (dwarf) - begin to harvest

Celery - begin to harvest

Onions - begin to harvest

Garlic - begin to harvest


Kohlrabi - sow seed for autumn crop

French Beans - begin to harvest climbing / pole varieties

Runner Beans - begin to harvest

Calabrese (sometimes called broccoli) - harvest  

Leek - begin to earth up strong growing plants

Raspberries (summer fruiting) - prune

Leek - continue earthing up

Adrian Dempsy has kindly supplied his Work Schedule showing the general tasks required for the maintenance of his plot throughout the year.