HBAGA 009 - FAQs on what Data we hold and why we need to hold it

Herne Bay Allotments and Gardens Association must respect your confidentiality and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 which replaces the previous Data Protection Act 1998. We must, among other things, ensure information held about you is only used for specific purposes allowed by law. Below are some questions you might ask about what information we hold, why we hold it and to whom it may be passed.

[Q1] What personal information do you hold about me?

• Basic details such as name, address, phone number(s) and email address

Plot rents and associate membership fees

Plot-holder key number(s) & deposit paid

Records of interactions with the Association

[Q2] Why do you need my personal information?

We keep records so that...

We can contact you if there is a problem

We can send you our occasional newsletters and inform you of meetings and social events

We can maintain a financial record of your annual membership and rental payments

[Q3] Are my records used in any other way?

We may also use your information to…

• Inform you of changes to Constitution or Rules

• Inform you of HBAGA activities such as AGMs or special meetings

• Investigate complaints or serious incidents

• Prepare statistics on allotment usage

• Make sure the services we provide meet future needs

[Q4] How does HBAGA store my records?

We create and hold your records both electronically and in a hard copy format.

Electronic records have several advantages...

• You need only to provide your details once

• It is easier to control who has access to those records

• Records will more accurate and up to date

[Q5] Can information be shared without my consent?

The information held about you will not shared, with a third party without your consent except in a number of limited circumstances when we are legally bound to do so: for example...

• Where there is a danger of harm to a child or vulnerable adult

• As the result of a court order

• When it's absolutely necessary for the prevention or detection of a  crime or apprehension/prosecution of offenders

Where there is a creditable and serious risk to members

[Q6] How do we keep members records confidential?

Everyone involved in the running of the Allotment Association has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential. There are strict codes of conduct in place to ensure your information is safe whether it is on paper or computer. The Association must abide by...

• General Data Protection Regulation 2018

• Common Law Duty of Confidence

[Q7] Can I get a copy of my records?

You  have the right under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 to ask for a copy of your records or authorise a representative to do so. We need a written request to allow you access this data.

[Q8] What are my rights under applicable data law?

• To be informed about how and where we are using your personal data:

• To have your personal data corrected if it is inaccurate and to have incomplete personal data completed:

• To object to any unacceptable ways in which we are using  your personal data:

• To restrict our use of parts of your personal data:

• To have your personal data erased  (the “right to be forgotten”) should you have left the association some time in the past:  

• To request access to your personal data :

• To move, copy or transfer your personal data (“data portability”) to a third party, should you no longer be a member of the association:

[Q9] What happens to my data when I leave the HBAGA

Once links with the HBAGA are fully ended, your digital details will be erased, and your paper records securely destroyed.

[Q10] How can I complain about the way the Allotment Association handles my information?

If you are unhappy with the way we deal with your information please put your concerns in a sealed envelope addressed to the Association Secretary. This should be deposited in the Shop during normal opening hours.

Should you still not be satisfied then you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office. It has enforcement powers and can investigate compliance with protection law. (ico.org.uk).


HBAGA 009 Data Management FAQs

Document Agreed: 05/04/19

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