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This is a copy of the most recent general newsletter to members.

If viewed at a later date then some of the information may have changed.

Shop News
The preparations for next season are now starting – where does the time go? We must decide over the next month which varieties of potatoes to stock this time. We will have our usual favourites but there are others which we could provide at the same low price if there is a demand. There is a full list available now on our website so please check and let us know what you would like.

We will be stocking the same onion and shallot sets as last year – as described on the website.

Potatoes and sets for spring planting will be available from mid-January.

Over-winter sets and garlic for autumn planting will be here in October.

At this time of year we ask you to think of our neighbours and avoid producing smoking fires when people are outside enjoying the summer weather. This year when the lack of rain has led to very dry conditions we also need to be aware that stray sparks could cause serious problems. It makes sense simply to ban all fires until conditions change. Your site may already have such restrictions. If you really think an exception needs to be made then discuss with your site manager.

Committee Minutes
Attached are the approved minutes of the meeting held in April.

Our annual meeting will take place as usual in November – details to come. You have the opportunity to put forward matters for discussion and also proposals to amend our rules – so that’s something to think about. One specific matter has arisen. Our Secretary, Lawrence, has been in the post for several years but has decided that it’s time for someone else to pick up the pen. If you might be interested and would like more information about what is involved then please get in touch.

Tree Rules
The committee have been discussing how best to deal with the various problems caused by trees on plots. We have examples with trees too close to paths, others with simply too many trees on a small plot and so on. Obviously fruit trees (the only ones allowed) vary greatly in size and form and we don’t wish to discourage plot-holders from planting them. However trees are a long-term crop and introducing them needs some thought. The approach we expect to be followed will be published on the website shortly in the Association section.

Most of us are getting used to the regular need to water our crops. One or two comments -
* In general it’s the roots which need the water – not the leaves
* Little and often is
not the way to go. Give some of your crops a really good soak – at the roots – without a rose on the can – and then deal with another area next time.
* Obviously seeds need a different approach.

I was picking some dwarf beans the other day and found a welcome invasion of ladybirds having a real go at the pests. I was very glad that I hadn’t given way to the temptation of sprays.

Potato scab
Many of the tubers I’ve harvested so far have been affected (some badly) with scab – unsightly marks on the skins – a problem I’ve never had before. Caused, I think, by the very dry soil damaging the surface of the potatoes. It’s unsightly but easily peeled off. In passing – some of the Charlotte I’ve dug have been enormous – I don’t know where they have found the moisture as I have never watered my potatoes.

Gate Keys (Eddington/Jessops)
Just a quick reminder – if you haven’t had your key checked against new locks then please do so (in the Shop). Locks may be replaced at any time and you may have problems if using an old key.


Regards - keep safe


These newsletters often contain important formal information for members. You may decide at any time not to receive them - just let me know - but you will then need to consult notice boards or website for the relevant items.

To all HBAGA members 25/07/22