Thefts from Plots

Regretfully we are becoming increasingly aware of items and crops going missing from plots – ranging from trivial items like pieces of wood to the quite expensive. This is something the Committee is taking seriously but while we investigate options which might be available to us there are a few steps we can all take.

 We have available an engraving kit with which you can mark tools and suchlike (for example with your postcode).

 We can all keep our eyes open, especially early and late in the day with the days growing longer now. Report anything that looks doubtful.

 Finally, we hear passing comments about missing items and the annoyance/anger that causes but we haven’t been properly recording this. Please email me or leave a note in the Shop saying what is missing, the plot number and approximate date. We aren’t seeking a long historic list – let’s just start from this month and then on-going. We are referring here to the individual bits and pieces and not the mass thefts which have been reported to the police.

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