To all HBAGA members  24/11/21

Rents and Fees
Plot rents become due on 1st January and must be paid by the end of that month. We start taking rents from the beginning of December. Please pay in the Shop - cash or cheques but not cards. It is possible to pay by BACS - contact me for bank details. If you wish to use BACS then please contact me first even if you have the bank details to confirm the amount due and then, later, bring your rent card to the Shop to be updated (assuming you haven’t lost it!).

If you cannot pay as suggested then let me know and we will work out an alternative. Please do not forget. The assumption is that if you do not pay within the next two months then you no longer wish to keep your plot(s).

Associate subscriptions will also be due so please remember to pay next time you visit the Shop.

We will take the opportunity when collecting rents and fees to ask if you have any experience (and time) to help the Association. It’s always good to have help for general work around the sites but specific talents such as welding, carpentry, tiling - whatever - would be particularly valuable.

AGM Outcome

The AGM agreed to the proposed update of the rule about bonfires - this will be detailed on the website.

The new Committee consists of -
President Jean Law
Chairman Dennis Jennens
Vice Chair Dave Sidders
Secretary Lawrence Stone
Treasurer Dave Gardner
Social Secretary Margaret Easterby
Publicity Officer Andy Allen
Shop Manager Dave Gardner
Cross Street Manager Andy Shilling
Cross Street Assistant VACANT
Eddington Lane Manager Kevin Tracy
Eddington Lane Assistant Alan Barber
Jessops Manager Vicki Blatt
Jessops Assistant Elaine Sidders
Station Road Manager Ralph Laughton
Station Road Assistant Roger Burton
and we welcome the new names on the Committee.

A question was raised about the time limits in the bonfire rules. Our Lease specifically specifies that fires cannot be started before 3 hours prior to sunset - we cannot vary that. The daily start times are listed on the website - at this time of year it is around 1.00pm.

A suggestion was made that we could convert our lock and key gate security into a more modern and convenient electrical system. This will be pursued as the revised Station Road entrance is developed.

Social News
Reminder --
SATURDAY 4TH DECEMBER    10am-12noon  The Club House at Eddington

The Wednesday art group closes December 8th and the Thursday camera group closes December 9th. The aim is to re-open mid-April.

Shop Information
The Shop will be open as usual (unless we are snowed out) every Saturday morning throughout the winter (9.00 to 12.00) except for Christmas Day. Just for this once I expect we will open on Sunday (Boxing Day).

If you are running out of ideas for presents then why not buy gift vouchers from the Shop. They are only redeemable for goods at our Shop. They cost 」5 each.

We have a few bags of daffodils in stock (」1.45 for 1kg) and we still have supplies of garlic and over-winter shallots and red onions. Other possibles for planting now include broad beans and peas.

Our supply of seed potatoes and spring-planting onion/shallot sets will be arriving around mid-January (weather and COVID permitting). You can just come to the Shop and purchase from the stock - but if you would like to make sure that we don稚 sell out before you are able to visit then you can reserve some via the usual email or at the Shop. The list of available varieties is on the website.

The Shop itself has very limited space so we continue to control the numbers of people entering to allow distancing and we would appreciate it if customers would wear masks when inside. It remains helpful to have prior ordering of goods (especially where there is preparation involved).


Regards - keep safe




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