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Our Shop is open every Saturday and Sunday morning (9.00 to 12.00).

 To order items from stock in the shop Click Here to download the stock list. The ordering system is described in the shop section.

Click Here for a list of potatoes.   Click Here  for details of onions.

We have a few Kings seed catalogues available in the Shop. Browns catalogues are also available

 Here for more information about ordering from these catalogues

We administer several allotment sites in Herne Bay - on the north coast of Kent. This website is designed to provide information for our members - but if it is of use to others then we welcome you. Our Shop and var ious activities are only open to members - but anyone can join as an Associate member. We have both Plot Holder and Associate memberships.

Chestnut Stakes in the Shop

We Still await supplies of our usual chestnut stakes but we do have some different ones recently delivered. Some are around 6 feet long and are very weighty  and are about 4 inches across. Selling for £5- each. Others are 4 Feet long light ones selling for 75p each

How to Contact  HBAGA

To contact us for any reason - whether to apply for a plot, to order from our Shop, to comment on this website or whatever - just visit our Shop during opening hours (as shown on the Home Page) or send us an email.

If you know the relevant direct email or phone number (for example of the Shop Manager) then just use that.

Otherwise contact us at canHBAGAhelp@mail.com  Please state as the subject the name of the committee member you wish to contact (if you know this) or the purpose of your email and your message will be directed to the appropriate person.

We have only two size of stakes in stock

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Flowering bulbs available now: click for Details